About Us

Franchie Pir renowned hairstylist, has created an eponymous line of transformative hair styling products that make vibrantly healthy hair and heart-stopping glamour achievable for every woman.

PirStyle Transforming a woman and men from their everyday appearance into something magical is a dream that Franchie Pir turns into reality using hair as the medium. Franchie has worked his magic for some of the world’s most beautiful Models ,Actors and Actresses including Naomi Campbell ,Riley Keough ,Donald Sutherland,Linda Evangelista, as well as Gisele Bundchen, to name just a few. On the covers of top global fashion magazines and down countless red carpets and catwalks, Franchie has showcased his enviable ability to manipulate tresses from everyday looks into elegant and sophisticated styles to the most avant-garde and glamorous. PirStyle Haircare a Natural ingredients Haircare suited for people looking to use free radical hair care line and effective with a result are 100% Paraben-Free, and Sulfate-Free, Sodium Chloride-Free, Alcohol-Free, Color-Safe, Chemically Treated-Safe and Straightener-Safe. The pH level fixes the elasticity of your hair.

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